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  1. Spotlight Breed Of The Week Silver Laced Wyandotte's 
    Silver Laced Wyandottes Chickens
    The Wyandotte breed was created by four gentlemen from the eastern United States area. They were trying to create a breed that would be a dual-purpose bird something that was seriously lacking in the 1800’s. They were first referred to as the American Seabright or the Seabright Cochin. They were later renamed after the Native America Wyandotte nation but have no direct historical association with the tribe.  There is a bit of mystery as to the true origin of the Wyandotte, but they are thought to have been developed from a Dark Brahma and a Silver Spangled Hamburg. The original Wyandotte was the Silver Laced which was first accepted into the standard of perfection in 1883. Today there are many more color varieties developed from the Silver Laced by crossing them with a variety of other breeds.

    Wyandotte’s are beautiful birds famous for their docile disposition and their ability to lay eggs in the cold weather.  They are an excellent dual-purpose bird, which can be raised to produce both eggs and meat. The hens make good mothers and will lay large brown eggs in a color range from light to medium.  They are particularly well suited for regions that have cold winters. They tolerate confinement well and they are also good foragers which makes them well suited for any free-range environments.   Wyandotte’s mature fairly quickly males will weigh in and about 8 1/2 pounds and hens about 6.1/2 pounds.  

    The Wyandotte breed graduated from the livestock Conservancy priority list in 2016 in his no longer considered endangered.
    Silver Laced Wyandottes Chickens
    Adult Birds description: The male and female have completely different plumage appearances. The head of the male is a silvery white with each feather having a black stripe. The web of the male’s neck feathers is a luxurious, green black with narrow lacing of silvery white. The male’s back is silvery white in appearance and the tail is black. The web of each breast feather of the male is white with a narrow, sharply defined lacing of luxurious green and black. The web of each breast feather of the male is white with a narrow, sharply defined lacing of luxurious greenish black. The web of each feather of the body, back, breast and lower thigh of the female is the same as the male’s breast feathers. The plumage of the female's head is silvery gray in the tail is black. They have rose combs that are low and firm on the head, have an oval surface covered with small rounded points, and tapered to a well-defined point that curves to conform to the shape of the skull.
    Silver laced Wyandotte Day Old Chicks

    Baby Chick description: The chicks are black with white streaks down the back the chest and abdomen may either be white or grey, the wing tips are white. They have rose combs, feet, and legs are yellow with some black or grey.  

    Origin:  United States                                                             
    Classification Type:  American Class
    Temperament: Adaptable to confinement or free range, calm & docile.
    Purpose: Dual purpose eggs laying and meat production
    Broodiness: Occasionally make good mothers
    Hardiness:  Cold hardy
    Maturing:  18-22 weeks                               Mating ratio: 9 females to 1 male
    Egg Color:  Brown                                       Egg size:   Medium - Large
    Rate Of Lay: Good                                       Eggs per year: 180-260

    Weight: Hen   6.1/2 lbs      Rooster:    8 1/2 lbs       
                  Pullet 5 1/2 lbs      Cockerel   7 lbs

    Spacing:  Confined at all times 10 square feet per bird. Confined at night only at least 4 square feet of space per bird.  

    Roost height:  2Ft -4FT 
    Life Span: Of the Silver Laced Wyandotte depends on how well they are cared for, and the quality of life that they enjoy. A standard the Silver Laced Wyandotte will generally live for approximately 6-8 years but have been known to reach 10-12 years.
    Varieties:   Golden laced - Blue laced red- -Barred-- Buff--Black -White-Red- Blue-Silver Penciled--Partridge- Columbian- Buff Columbian-Mille Fleur-
    Other facts   The Silver Laced Wyandotte is the original Wyandotte and is the parent stock for all varieties. 

    We hatch Silver Laced Wyandotte's year round

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