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   Stoplight Breed Of The Week Speckled Sussex
 Speckled Sussex Chickens
The Speckled Sussex chicken It's one of the oldest known breeds that originated in Sussex County, England and there's evidence that the Romans found a similar breed when they invaded England over two thousand years ago. However, the Speckled Sussex breed didn’t reach America until about 1912 and was recognized by the American Poultry Association in 1914.
The Speckled Sussex bird became a famous table chicken breed because of its pleasantly pleasing flavor, pinkish white skin and their finesse at fattening up. The Speckled Sussex is considered a medium-sized bird in the heavy breeds class. The rooster will dress out between 8-10 pounds on average and hens at about 6-8 pounds. Their main coloring is a deep rich mahogany with cream color speckles and they have innumerable differences in the speckling patterns. With each yearly molt more, speckles appear so they become even more colorful the older they get.

The Speckled Sussex Breed is one of the best backyard chickens for being adaptable. They are friendly docile birds that are heat and cold tolerant. They do well in confinement and are an exceptional bird for a free-ranging environment. This is due to their speckled coloring which makes them blend in with the background and camouflages them from predators such as coyotes and foxes. They are also great layers of tinted or light brown eggs, and they lay right through the coldest weather. These hens are very likely to set and become broody as soon as the weather warms in the spring and are excellent mothers.
Speckled Sussex Chikens

 Adult description-Their main color is mahogany with each feather tipped with a small cream speckle and a narrow black bar divides the cream color from the remainder of their feathers. The females main tail feathers are black mottled with brown, and each feather is tipped with a cream color. The males tail feathers are luxurious greenish black and are also tipped with a cream color. Their beaks color is horn while their legs and toes are a pinkish white.
 Speckled Sussex Cicks
Baby chick description- Chicks are dark brown with 2 light brown streaks lengthwise down there back and have white wing tips, chest, and abdomens. They have a single comb, beaks are a brown color and feet and legs are a pinkish white.
The Speckled Sussex breed Is very popular with our customers and is always in demand. The  American Livestock Conservancy list the Speckled Sussex breed status as recovering. We only hatch this breed seasonal February through May, and we sell out quickly. So, make sure to place your order early!

Origin: England                                                              
Classification Type:  English Class
Temperament: Calm and curious, adaptable to confinement or free range.
Purpose: Dual purpose eggs and meat  
Broodiness: Yes good mothers
Hardiness:  Very hardy
Maturing20- 22 weeks                                  Mating ratio: 10 females to 1 male
Egg color:  Brown                                           Egg size:  Large
Rate Of Lay: Good                                         Eggs per year: 180 to 240  
Weight:     Hen    7 lbs                                        Rooster:     9 lbs       
                  Pullet  6 lbs                                        Cockerel    7 lbs
Spacing:  Confined at all times 10 square feet per bird. Confined at night only at least 4 square feet of space per bird. 
Roost height:  4Ft - 8FT  
Life Span:  Of the Speckled Sussex chickens will depend on how well they are cared for, and the quality of life that they enjoy. A standard Speckled Sussex chicken will generally live for approximately 6-8 years but have been known to reach 10-12 years. However, egg production will decrease each year.

Varieties:  Speckled, Red and Light.
Other facts:  In England, another variety is recognized, the Brown (a very dark red color). Some breeders have created additional colors, such as Coronation, Buff, White, and Silver.
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