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 Stoplight Breed Of The Week Amberlinks
Amberlink Chickens
Amberlinks are a high production bird designed and bred for dependable egg laying and are a hybrid from the ISA Hendrix genetic line. They are a result of breeding 2 pure breeds, the Rhode Island White male with a Rhode Island Red female. These hybrid Breeding’s are complex, and you may not get the same results if you simply bred a Rhode Island White with a Rhode Island Red. Also, since Amber links are hybrids You won't get an Amberlink chick if you breed two Amberlinks together.
They are calm docile birds that mature early and have an excellent feed conversion rate. Amberlinks are excellent foragers for the free-ranging environment but also do well in confinement. They are cold hardy as well as heat tolerant birds.
Adult Description:  The males have red plumage with a white undercoat that shows through in some areas. The females are mainly white with tints of red or amber in their wing feathers and tails.
Amberlink day old chicks
Baby Chicks description:  Pale yellow in color, single comb with yellow feet and legs
Temperament: Adaptable to confinement or free range, calm & docile.
Purpose: Brown egg production
Broodiness: Rarely
Hardiness:   Very hardy can tolerate almost any climate.
Maturing: 18-22 weeks                                  Mating ratio: 8 females to 1 male
Egg color:   Brown                                         Egg size:  Large -extra large
Rate Of Lay:  Excellent                                  Eggs per year:  300-325

Weight: Hen   5.5  lbs     Rooster:    6.5  lbs       
              Pullet 4.5 lbs     Cockerel    6      lbs
Spacing:  Confined at all times 10 square feet per bird. Confined at night only at least 4 square feet of space per bird. 
Roost height:  2Ft -4FT

Life Span: Of the Amberlink depends on how well they are cared for, and the quality of life that they enjoy. The Amberlink is a Hybrid and will generally live for approximately 2-4 years but have been known to reach 5-6 years. However, egg production will decrease every year.
The Amberlink’s are harder to find and only a few hatcheries produce this breed, and we only hatched them Feb thru May. Click here to order now! 

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