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The Barred Plymouth Rock chicken is another well know old time favorite brown egg layer and one that, in true breeding style, delivers big profits. This is one of the oldest and most selected strain of Barred Rocks in the U.S. The Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken has held its own because of its great merit as a profitable year-round brown egg layer, as well as its meat production. The barred rock chicken originated from a cross between a Dominique rooster and either a black Java or a Black Cochin hen in the mid-1800s. The Barred Rock chicken is truly one of the best dual purpose birds a hardy bird even in cold weather, it is also docile, tame, and active. Barred Rocks like to run, but they don't demand much space. Also, due to their heavy structures, they don't fly, meaning you don't need a fence to be too high to accommodate their needs. They don't need much to thrive, so are very easy to keep and breed. The Barred rock males and females have an upright carriage and are graceful, stylish birds. The hens are rarely broody but are good mothers and roosters matures early into a broiler.  The Barred Rocks are a great practical addition to any flock for every day in the year use.
Barrred Plymouth Rock Chickens
Adult Birds description:    Long, broad bodies with a well-rounded moderately deep breasts. All of their featherings are black and white horizontal lines (barring) that extend out to their moderately short tails, which are spread well in the roosters but tend to be a bit shorter and twice as much black per line in the hens making them much darker.  Their combs are red medium size, single comb evenly serrated with 5 well-defined points that are straight upright. Their beak feet and leg are yellow.

Day Old Plymouth Rock Chicks

Baby Chick description: The chicks are black with a white spot on the top of their heads. The wing tips and abdomen are white, and they have a single or serrated comb. The beaks, feet, and legs are yellow with some black.

Origin:  United States                                                             
Classification Type:  American Class
Temperament: Adaptable to confinement or free range, calm & docile.
Purpose: Dual purpose eggs laying and meat production
Broodiness: not generally but make good mothers
Hardiness:  Cold hardy
Maturing:  18-20 weeks                                Mating ratio: 10 females to 1 male
Egg Color:  Brown                                        Egg size:   Large
Rate Of Lay: Excellent                                 Eggs per year: 280- 300

Weight: Hen   7 lbs     Rooster:    9 1/2 lbs       
              Pullet 6 lbs     Cockerel    8 lbs

Spacing:  Confined at all times 10 square feet per bird. Confined at night only at least 4 square feet of space per bird.  

Roost height:  2Ft -4FT  
Life Span: Of the Barred Plymouth Rocks depends on how well they are cared for, and the quality of life that they enjoy. A standard Barred Plymouth Rock will generally live for approximately 6-8 years but have been known to reach 10-12 years.
Varieties:   Barred--- Buff-- Silver-- Penciled--White--Partridge- Columbian--Blue
Other facts   Barred Plymouth Rocks are commonly incorrectly referred to as "Dominiquers". Both the Plymouth Barred Rocks and the Dominiquers have the same horizontal black and white barring color line plumage. However, the Dominiquers have a slightly more angular body and a rose comb.

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