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American Meat Makers--Surplus ChicksAmerican Meat Makers--Surplus Chicks

Makes tasty juicy fryers. They dress out beautifully.Hatchery choice of breed and sex usually males. (These are not Cornish Rock)
Assorted Heavies Chicken (as hatched)Assorted Heavies Chicken (as hatched)
Assorted Heavies Chicken (cockerels)Assorted Heavies Chicken (cockerels)If you are looking for cockerels and want a heavy breed to eat, our Heavy Assortment is what you need! This will not include Cornish Rock.
Assorted Heavies Chicken (pullets)Assorted Heavies Chicken (pullets)These are all good strong brown egg laying chicks. Hatchery choice of breeds.
Heavy Combo Bargain # 2 -Surplus Hatchery ChicksHeavy Combo Bargain # 2 -Surplus Hatchery Chicks