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Game Birds
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Assorted BantamsAssorted Bantams

Assorted Bantams 

Known as the "Flower Garden" of the poultry world because of their beautiful coloring. They are about 1/4 size of standard bred chickens and are perfect for pets and exhibition.The assortment is hatchery choice of breeds and may contain the following:
French Guineas (as hatched)French Guineas (as hatched)French Guineas

Guineas are fun, easy, and inexpensive to raise. Once started, they are excellent foragers, living on insects, seeds, and grasses. They are super farmyard watchdogs, sounding an alarm anytime anything unusual occurs. They are purplish gray with small white spots and the adults are about two pounds heavier than Pearl Guineas.
Ringneck Pheasants (as hatched)Ringneck Pheasants (as hatched)Ringneck Pheasants can be a wonderful for sport, hobby or business. Watch these beautiful birds mature in 16 to 18 weeks. Dress out at 2lbs.

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