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Orange County Register
National Geographic
Ameraucana Breeders Club
The ABC Forum
American Bantam Association

Breeders and Hatcheries..

Hatcheries & Breeds Google map
Rochester Hatchery, Canada
P&T Poultry Supply and Equipment
- Incubators, Poultry Housing, Hatching Eggs, Live Birds and other equipment.

General Poultry Information ..

Mother Earth New
Nexusalpacas blog spot
Rockey Top Farms
Atlanta back yard poultry
Chicken Chatter
Countryside Daily
The Chicken Chick Back yard chicken keeping information
Fresh Eggs Daily Tips for keeping chickens
Your Chickens
Country Life Magazine
Farmer Almanac
HGTV Garden
Better Homes & Gardens
P Allen Smith

TBN Ranch
Pacific Egg and Poultry Association A regional nonprofit agricultural trade association.
American Poultry Association
The California Poultry Industry Federation
UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Teaching & Research Center-Poultry
United Egg Producers
US Poultry & Egg Association
NetVet - Extensive list of links
California Egg Commission
American Farm Bureau
National Broiler Council
National Agricultural Library
Palm Beach County Poultry Fanciers Association
Homesteaders Magazine
The British Goose Producers Association
The American Egg Board
Watt Publishing
Poultry And Egg News
Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission
Nexus Farm & Alpacas Blog
Oxford Press Poultry Supply and demand
Omelt company- the art of raising chickens
Live Ducks - A Pet Duck Care Website
Round Mountain Institute
The Hay Station
Poultry Genetic
The complete Bird Community
Tumble Down Farms
Notes From Chicken land
BS Feed
Cook Feed
Dewitt Producers
Dorris Milling Company
Farmand Dairy
Harolds Farm Supply
Ingram Feed And Seed
Got To Talk
Junction Ware House
Kissimmee Valley Feed Store
Martin Farm And Ranch
Mary Stack Feed
McGreg Farm Center
Northern Feed And Bean
Oley Valley Feed
Pike Peak Co-op
Reynold Feed And Supply
Roswell Livestock
Poultry Discussion
Valley Town And County
Wallace Farm
Poultry Enthusiast Magazine - A magazine that focuses on maintaining a small flock of poultry or game birds for pleasure or profit.
The Feathersite
The Chicken Coop - Raising, breeding or showing poultry, waterfowl and gamebirds.
The Poultry Connection - A good place to start with lots of poultry and waterfowl info.
National Poultry Museum
Raising Ducks - University of Minnesota
Raising Geese - University of Minnesota Excellent information/books for singleduck/goose homes.
Pet Duck & Goose Association - Information on basic care, diet, and of course information specific to indoor ducks and geese.
Quackers Home Page Guinea Fowl General Store Lots of info here. Discount Supplier of Egg Cartons, Egg Trays, & Poultry Supplies.
Purina Mills Poultry - Feeds and Information
The Chicken Coop
MyPet Chicken
People Connection-Mesage board
Hobby poultry Directory
Poultry info Rocky Top Farm
Blur it
Poultry Pages chicken breeds
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Homesteading Today
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The Crazy Chicken Lady
Local Harvest
The Old Log House
Home Town Locator
Chicken Recipes
Better business Bureau
J D Birds
Similar Pages
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The State Journal
Fairborn Daily Herald
IN Corp

Goverment Agencies

University of Arkansas-Poultry Science Dept
Auburn University -College of Agriculture
University of California at Davis information on poultry production.
University of California at Davis information on undergraduate and graduate programs, Department of Avian Sciences.
Georgia Tech Agricultural Reseach
University Of Georgia Poultry And Science
University Of Kentucky
University of Maryland -Animal and Avian Science Dept
Michigan State University -US Poultry Genome Project
University of Minnesota Poultry U
Mississippi State University Dept of Poultry Science
NC State University of Poultry Science
University of New England Poultry Reseach
Oklahoma State -Dept of Animals
Oregon State University - Poultry
Penn State -Dept of Poultry
Purdue University- Avian Science
University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture
Texas A&M Poultry Science Department
Virgina Tech Cooperative Extension

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