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Create Your Own Mix.

Create Your Own Mix.....Instructions.. Please Read First!!!!!!!
Many Customers want to pick and choose a small specific mix of chicks.  We are offering you a way to do just that.  The minimum amount is 10 and there is a boxing fee of $5.00 that will be assessed at checkout.

FIRST: What sex of Chicks do you want : The three different sexing scenarios you can choose from are As Hatched (not sexed) , Pullets (females) and/or Cockerels (Males).  You can make your selections all from one sex or some from each selection. 

 (example: Click on Create your own mix As Hatched. Below the SKU is a Box.  In the box,   enter the breed or breeds you want and the amount you want for each.  3 White Rock, 2 Reds,5 White leghorns.  Enter the total quantity for this selection in QTY box and press ADD TO CART button.  Review order and press CONTINUE SHOPPING button to choose another sex.

Continue this process until you have selected the Breeds and Sex that you want.  Making sure you enter the quantity and pressing the ADD TO CART button..

Very Important:  Select a shipping date. Select the Shipping date that most fits your needs then just click ADD TO CART.

Finally CHECKOUT! Remember 10 is the minimum you can order.
Shipping Dates will be confirmed back to you.