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Hatchery Policies

We want to assure everyone that Mt. Healthy Hatcheries does not sell,
give or trade any information submitted during a transaction.  All Credit
Card transactions are through a secure connection.  Your information is
safe with us.

100% live delivery and a full count on every order, 90 % true to sex on
all pullets orders. Sexing errors must be reported within 60 days after
receipt of shipment, and any adjustments will be based on different of price
between sexes. We will replace free of charge, or will refund the full purchase
price of any shipment or part thereof which is missing or not in good condition
on arrival. ALL MT HEALTHY chicks are U.S. PULLORIUM TYPHOID
CLEAN. Mt. Healthy chicks are produced under the National Poultry
Improvement Plan, as it is administered by the Ohio Poultry Association
to improve the poultry industry. 
The Purchaser further understands and agrees that the handling of poultry or
live birds may result in contamination or disease, including but not limited to
any strains of salmonella. The Purchaser also understands and agrees that the
Goods and/or Services described are being sold in an “as is, where is”condition,
with no warranty for any purpose or condition. The Purchaser accepts all risks
and hazards associated with the purchase of all Goods and/or Services from
Mt Healthy Hatcheries, Inc. (herein after the “Seller”), and shall indemnify and
hold harmless the Seller against any and all costs, loss and liability, including,
without limitation, attorneys’ fees, for all personal injury and/or property damage
caused by any of the Goods and/or Services provided or performed by the Seller,
including all claims based upon the alleged fault of Seller, whether or not also
based upon the alleged fault of Purchaser. Such indemnification shall also include
the Seller’s employees, agents, and representatives, whether such Goods and/or
Services were provided or performed on the premises of the Seller or the Purchaser
or elsewhere. The Purchaser shall defend, at the Purchaser’s sole cost and expense,
any action or claim for personal injury or property damage brought against the Seller
by a third party exposed to the Goods and/or Services.