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  1. Mt Healthy Hatcheries Buckeye Chicken The Buckeye is truly the feminist's chicken!

    March is Women’s History Month and with the social climate of today empowering women and finally giving them recognition, it only seems fitting to honor Mrs. Nettie Metcalf. She is the only American woman to have developed an officially recognized breed of chickens.

    In the late 1800's Nettie Metcalf, a housewife from Warren Ohio created a red chicken breed and appropriately named it Buckeyes after the state of Ohio. Buckeyes are unique in the American Class of chickens in that it is the only breed created entirely by a woman and officially accepted into the American Poultry Association in 1904. The industry was dominated by very influential businessmen heavily invested in the new Rhode Island Red breed and they did everything in their power to oust the Buckeye breed. Their attempts to do so failed. However, somehow the breed disappeared from the records of the American Poultry Association standards around 1915. It’s unclear how or even why that happened but the breed reappears around the mid to late 1930’s again as a recognized breed. However, like many other things, the great depression had an impact on the Buckeye breed and it nearly faded into obscurity. This breed is still considered quite rare but in the last couple of years, they have been upgraded from the threatened list to the watch list by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.

    The Buckeye is the only purely American breed to sport a pea comb, and this, combined with its stocky build, makes it a supremely cold-hardy bird. Buckeyes have rich yellow skin, with mahogany feathering and black tails. They adjust to confinement well but prefer to range on grass. They are extremely friendly docile birds. A good dual-purpose producer of brown eggs well suited for small farmyards and backyard flocks. 


  2. Mt Healthy Hatcheries 10 Most Popular Breeds Year After Year

    Our 2018 hatching season has started! As many of our customers start planning their new flocks the most frequently asked question is what are our top selling breeds?

    Cornish Rock cross

    Cornish  Rock Cross 
    The large massive Cornish Cockerels are bred to large broiler type White Rock hens. The cross produces one of the finest quality broiler type chicks that can be found anywhere. They make market weight in 7 weeks. Many of our customers report 4 lb. broilers in 7 to 8 weeks. 

    Golden Comet Chickens

    Golden Comet Chickens 

    The  Golden Comet pullet is easily one of the finest brown egg layers available today. They mature early and lay eggs of excellent size and quality. She is an extremely quiet bird, that seems to be able to withstand the colder, non-insulated, laying houses of the small flock owner, better than most breeds.  
    Araucanas/Ameraucanas Chickens

    Originally from Chile, in South America, they are called the Easter egg fowl. They lay colored eggs: blue, green, pink, and olive drab. These birds vary in size and color, some may have whiskers and others muffs of feathers that cover their ears. Their eggs are reported to have more nutritional value than ordinary eggs

    Buff Orpington Chickens

    Buff Orpington Chickens
    An old time favorite with poultry people for many years. These are a nice quiet breed. They are a beautiful buff color and will lay lots of nice brown eggs.  

    Barred Plymouth Rocks

     Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens

    This is another old favorite and one that, in true breeding style, delivers big profits. This is one of the oldest and most selected strain of Barred Rocks in the U.S. The Barred Plymouth Rock has held its own because of its great merit as a profitable, practical fowl for every day in the year use.

    Rhode Island Red Chickens

    Rhode Island Red Chickens 

    If you are striving for the "Peak" in egg production and still want a heavy bird with good market possibilities, these Reds are for you. A check of national egg laying contest records will reveal the superior egg laying qualities of this breed.         

     Silver laced Wyandotte Chickens

    Silver Laced Wyandottes Chickens

    These are truly magnificently colored birds. Their silvery white feathers, laced with black make them a most attractive bird in your barnyard. They are heavy producers of large brown eggs.

    Golden Laced Wyandotte Chickens


    Golden Laced Wyandottes Chickens              

    Is one of the most beautiful breeds we offer. Their feather pattern is a combination of rich golden brown laced with a greenish-black tipped feather. They have rose combs, and are good producers of brown eggs

    Black Australorps Chickens

    Black Australorps

    Is an eye-catching bird. It is black with an intense beetle-green sheen on its feathers. Australorps are very good brown egg layers, in fact, one hen still holds the world's record by laying 364 eggs in 365 days under official Australian testing.

     Black Sex Link Chickens

    Black Sex Link Chickens

    This valuable chicken is produced by mating an R.I. Red male to a Barred Rock female. The pullets are black with a reddish cast and are splendid layers of large brown eggs. Roosters resemble a Barred rock.

    Due to the popularity of these 10 breeds, we hatch them year-round. Right now, we are hatching every Wednesday and will be in full swing by February 21st hatching twice a week all 28 breeds of chicks that we offer. Hopefully, this information will help guide you in selecting what breeds to add to your new flocks. For the best selection get your orders in the early before they are gone! Also, you can request a free catalog or download our catalog from our website at