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Recent outbreak of Salmonella

Mt Heathy Hatcheries Statement

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Mt. Healthy Hatcheries shares the concerns of the public about reports of recent illnesses. We are working closely with authorities at the Ohio Department of Agriculture and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as they continue their investigation into multiple Salmonella outbreaks.
Providing safe, healthy chicks for our customers is our top priority, and we will continue to work with our many suppliers of chicks and hatching eggs to ensure we can do so. We have suspended business relationships with our largest outside supplier of eggs and chicks while the investigation continues.

 It is important to note that although some CDC data suggests a link to chicks from our hatcheries, the vast majority of chicks we ship are not associated with this outbreak. Mt. Healthy Hatcheries ships thousands of chicks each week to customers, and our commitment is to provide safe, healthy chicks at all times.

Furthermore, our hatcheries are implementing specific interventions daily to mitigate the exposure to all Salmonella on the chicks and in our operations. We have further increased our biosecurity measures by adopting and following a USDA- and NPIP-recommended Best Management Practices Handbook, which is a guide to the mitigation of Salmonella contamination at poultry hatcheries.  We also continue to disinfect our facilities regularly to prevent cross-contamination, and we are seeking ongoing counsel from an outside expert in reducing the risks of Salmonella.
As our work continues to address these issues, we encourage our customers and the public to follow the CDC’s safe poultry handling guidelines to reduce the risk of exposure to human Salmonellosis. As a reminder, chicks purchased from our hatchery should be considered as farm animals – not pets – and should be treated as such. For more information on the safe handling and care of poultry, please click here.