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Stated Pullets 8 - 12 Weeks Old


                    We now offer 5 different breeds of Started Pullets

                        Barred Rock Started Pullet Chicks                                             Rhode Island Red Started Pullet Chicks                                                 

 ​                        Barred Rocks                                             Rhode Island Reds                             

 Buff Orpington Started Pullet chicks                 Ameracana Started Pullet Chicks                   Black Australorp Started Pullets     

Buff Orpingtons                              Ameracanas                                  Black Australorps

                                                      8 to 12 weeks of age

If you are new to raising chicks or just don’t want to bother with brooding day old chicks and or waiting for your birds to reach maturity, our Started Pullets are a great option for you! The chicks are fully feathered out and usually will not need any addition heat source for brooding unless you’re in the far northern climates. However they should be kept dry and out of the wind. We don’t debeak our pullets, so they can easily free range for grass and bugs on our farm. Our pullets are also supplemented with an all  natural non-GMO feed ration, and will generally be 8-12 weeks old at the time of arrival.

Please note: Juvenile chicks are not free shipping - shipping varies based off quantity and distance.
Our Started Pullets ship out of Texas.

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