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Ameraucanas Chicken (as hatched)Ameraucanas Chicken (as hatched)Our Ameraucanas are often called the Easter egg chicken because they lay colored eggs:blue,green,pink and olive drab. These birds will vary in size and color.
Ameraucanas Chicken (cockerels)Ameraucanas Chicken (cockerels)

Ameraucanas (cockerels)These birds will vary in size and color. Some may have whiskers and others muffs of feathers That cover their ears.

Ameraucanas Chicken (pullets)Ameraucanas Chicken (pullets)

Black Jersey Giants

Black Jersey Giant Chicken (as hatched)Black Jersey Giant Chicken (as hatched)
Black Jersey Giant Chicken (pullets)Black Jersey Giant Chicken (pullets)They lay dark brown eggs and are very docile and easy to work with.
Black Jersey Giant  Chicken (cockerels)Black Jersey Giant Chicken (cockerels)

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