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Ameraucanas Chicken (pullets)

Ameraucanas Chicken (pullets)

Ameraucanas Chicken (pullets)
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Mt Healthy Hatcheries Araucanas/Ameraucanas  (Pullets/Females)

Originally from Chile, in South America, they are called the Easter egg fowl. They lay colored eggs: blue, green, pink, and olive drab. These birds vary in size and color, some may have whiskers and others muffs of feathers that cover their ears. Their eggs are reported to have more nutritional value than ordinary eggs.
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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 7 reviews: 5.0
Turned out to be my favortesI purchased 12 chicks in 2012. Every 2 years I ad to my flock with a different breed to keep track of the age of the hens. I still have 7 of these, 3 of which were taken by predators, 2 died of illness. The Araucanas still outnumber the other breeds in my flock, of which I purchased a dozen in 2014, and 2016. And they are still laying! The number of blue eggs per day outweighs the brown (other breeds), including Austrolops, which were suppose to be great egg layers . The New Hampshires I purchased this year aren't laying yet, but we'll see. next bunch I order will be the Araucanas.. And from Mt. Healthy. Love them. Written by Jane Hedrick on Fri 1 Jun 2018 1:13:56 PM GMT
Happy New Chick MommaI placed my order for chicks last week and selected a ship date of 5/16. Customer service called me the next morning to confirm all my chosen breeds would be available for the ship date. Yesterday morning I got a call from my post office letting my chicks had a arrived. They were healthy and vocal! I counted everyone and quickly got them into their brooder and realized that I had an extra little fluff in the group! I am happy to report they are all thriving and active. Will continue to use Mt Healthy to add to my flock in the future. Written by Desiree Depinet on Fri 18 May 2018 9:31:37 PM GMT
Amazing Company to order fromWe ordered 150 chickens from Mt. Healthy, and couldn't be happier. We received 172 chickens including the 50 free ones. 171 arrived alive, and only 2 died during the first 2 weeks. 169 out of 150 ordered is an amazing stat. These birds are beautiful and everyone who has purchased from us loves them. Please don't hesitate to order from them. Great price and beautiful chickens. Written by Joshua Geddings on Thu 3 Mar 2016 11:20:52 PM GMT
Just got my chicksI just got my chicks this morning, we ordered 10 of these fluffy bundles of joy!!! They showed up healthy, ready to drink, and have proved that they have great lungs!!! They shipped super quick, and were packaged really great, and were actually warm in the box!!! Written by Brandi Miller on Thu 28 Jan 2016 5:51:39 PM GMT
New BirdI just ordered my pullets from a coworker, that highly recommended you!...I have free range chickens now and though ive been just diddling with them in the past....Id like to eventually be a serious "chick magnet" I had a small coop I built out of pallets...but recently acquired an 8x10 im lookin forward to setting it up for my "chicks". Im just experimenting with a few different varieties at this time......cant wait to get them and look forward to more orders in the future....P.S. Im just learning about the CHICKEN MATH!! Written by Patrick Narango on Fri 24 Apr 2015 11:37:42 PM GMT
Best Easter Eggers we've had so far...We've gotten EEs from several different hatcheries over the years, and these from Mt.Healthy are my favorites. We have three and they all lay a colored egg. One is olive green, occasionally speckled, one is blue-green, and one is blue. They are lovely birds, friendly and docile. Two are muffed and one is clean-faced. They are in their second summer now and laying quite well. I will definitely order my EEs from Mt. Healthy next year. Written by Stacey Collins on Sat 30 Aug 2014 5:03:18 PM GMT
Last Years PeepsI bought 50 araucanas, and received my 25 bonus chicks last may. All did well, I butchered my bonus roosters at 15 weeks at 6 lbs each, they were production reds, I believe. To date I've lost 4 araucanas, one in the mail, and 3 other casualties over the winter however without a heated coup, I've been gathering from 28-48 eggs a day since November 20th. Christmas week was unseasonably warm, they averaged 41 eggs for the week, and 48 on Christmas eve, What a Christmas Present! I can with out hesitation say, That I don't believe I could have bought any better or healthier chickens any where else. I have recommended your hatchery to several people, as It was recommended to me by one of your other extremely happy customers. Written by Jason Debnar on Mon 25 Mar 2013 2:48:04 AM GMT
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