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Black Australorp Chicken (pullets)

Black Australorp Chicken (pullets)

Black Australorp Chicken (pullets)
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Black Australorp  (pullets/females)

Is an eye-catching bird. It is black with an intense beetle-green sheen on its feathers. Australorps are very good brown egg layers, in fact one hen still holds the world's record by laying 364 eggs in 365 days under official Australian testing.

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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic Cold Hearty Hens during prolonged sub zero temps! Early Maturing!We purchased 6 pullets in May 2014 after determining they would fit our needs for free range and cold heartiness here in Northern New York. They matured and started laying at 20 weeks old, while my sister got some Black Australorps from a different hatchery that didn't start laying until 24-26 weeks! They are very vigorous free range birds and forage well. We have had a nasty winter and our average temperature for the month of February 2015 was 7.2 degrees! These awesome hens still layed 4-5 eggs per day out of 6 hens in an unheated steel barn with minimal supplemental light!!! Thank you! Written by Rachel Zumbach on Thu 5 Mar 2015 5:29:21 AM GMT
Loved the Black AustralorpsI had purchased the Black Australorps based on their reputation for egg laying. They did deliver on the eggs. And as the poster above notes, they are medium in size. However, if you have 15 chickens, you will get 14-15 eggs everyday. I found them to be very quiet, non-aggressive and even friendly. They are one of the few birds that when I sat down to look at them, they would climb into your lap. My family referred to them as kittens. One interesting trait they had was no pecking, but lots of "posturing". They would ruff up their feathers, stand on their toes, spread their wings, and bang into each other, chest to chest. They never pecked each other. I found them to be good foragers. Note, they want to lay eggs while still too young. Back off on the high protein chick starter earlier as compared to most other breeds. I was a bit surprised at how young they were when they first started laying. Overall they made great "suburb" chickens. My next flock that I'm getting later this summer will be all Australorps. Written by David Lilly on Tue 15 Jul 2014 9:58:43 AM GMT
Black australorpsLove the Australorps! I have raised 18 different standard breeds, of them the australorps are by far the most consistant. They are hardy, grow qiuckly, lay consistantly, eat very little and are very calm. Great birds!!! Written by Marsha Sullivan on Wed 7 May 2014 6:47:04 PM GMT
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