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Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken  (pullets)

Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken (pullets)

Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken  (pullets)
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Mt Healthy Hatcheries Barred Plymouth Rocks  (pullets/ females)

This is another old favorite and one that, in true breeding style, delivers big profits. This is one of the oldest and most selected strain of Barred Rocks in the U.S. The Barred Plymouth Rock has held its own because of its great merit as a profitable, practical fowl for every day in the year use.
.Day Old Barred Plymouth Rock chicks   Free Shipping on baby chicks

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$5.20 Each
$3.64 Each
$3.20 Each
$2.80 Each
Mt Healthy Hatchery -Barred Plymouth Rock day old chicks

Customer Reviews

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aewsomeaewsome Written by jackson on Sat 10 Oct 2015 9:01:30 PM GMT
Absolutely amazing experience!This was our first time ordering chicks from a hatchery. We ordered 10 Barred Rock pullets. They arrived 2 days after their hatch date. The box had absolutely all information I could ask for on it and the chicks have been amazingly healthy! I will do all of my ordering from Mt. Healthy! Thank you! Written by Katie Caenen on Sat 21 Mar 2015 5:01:22 PM GMT
Great to deal withI ordered 50 Barred Plymouth Rock Pullet chicks on the first hatch of the year in January and it turned out to be the coldest week of the season. I was concerned with the chicks arriving alive due to the temperatures but Mt Healthy Hatchery eased my concerns and assured me that the chicks would arrive alive and any that did not would be replaced. The people in the shipping room took extra care to make sure the chicks were well packaged for the cold. I knew as soon as I entered the post office that the chicks were in good health from the noise they were making. This was our first order from Mt Healthy and we look forward to more in the future. - Steve, Gallaher Farms Written by Steve Gallaher on Thu 8 Jan 2015 6:07:33 PM GMT
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