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Columbian Rock Cross Chickens (pullets)

Columbian Rock Cross Chickens (pullets)

Columbian Rock Cross Chickens (pullets)
Columbian Rock Cross Pullet Chicks
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Mt Healthy Hatcheries Columbian Rock Cross Chickens  (pullets/females)
Produced by mating a Rhode Island Red female with a Columbian male, this robust, dual-purpose bird is know for its ability to efficiently produce eggs even in the coldest of climates. An excellent layer of cream colored brown eggs with a calm good natured disposition, this cross is a great choice for the family flock. Females are basic white with the traditional Columbian pattern of black laced across the neck and black-trimmed wing tips and tails. Males have different shades of brown mixed throughout their feathering.
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Customer Reviews

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Over achiever!Our CRC started laying at exactly 18 weeks old and has given an egg every day since. She laid her first 'grown up' egg (normal size even though she's still a baby!) 4 days after starting! Written by Tori on Fri 22 Jun 2018 6:24:56 PM GMT
Love our Columbian Rock Cross pullet :)We have a 16 week old CRC pullet, and she’s one of the friendliest chickens we’ve ever had (the other friendliest chicken we’ve ever had happens to be her “best friend,” an Easter Egger pullet). She jumps into our laps, roosts on our shoulders, and lets us pick her up with no problems whatsoever. I’m not sure if it’s the breed or a personality thing, since we only have the one of this breed, but I’d definitely recommend CRCs. Ours is great! Written by Hailey on Fri 3 Jul 2015 8:33:52 PM GMT
Columbian Rock CrossesWhile my hens are friendly and good layers, my rooster is extremely aggressive. I won't be keeping him, but I really like my girls. Written by Katherine Poff on Fri 10 Oct 2014 1:03:34 PM GMT
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