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Cornish Rock Cross Chicken (cockerels)

Cornish Rock Cross Chicken (cockerels)

Cornish Rock Cross Chicken (cockerels)
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Mt. Healthy Jumbo Cornish Rock Cross  (cockerels/males)

The large massive Cornish Cockerels are bred to large broiler type White Rock hens. The cross produces one of the finest quality broiler type chicks that can be found anywhere. They make market weight in 7 weeks. Many of our customers report 4 lb. broilers in 7 to 8 weeks. They give you the desired broad breast, big leg, big thigh, uniform conformation, rich yellow skin, extra fast feathering, real prime broilers. We cannot overemphasize the importance of proper nutrition for your successful results from our Cornish X Rock Cross chicks! The tremendous growth rate makes it absolutely essential that you feed a broiler ration to this bird. We recommend a 23% protein starter ration for the first four weeks and a 20% protein grower ration the remainder of the growing period. Because of the rapid weight gain of these chicks, we suggest a vitamin supplement. We offer an excellent product, Vitamin Stress Pack 4oz. package

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Customer Reviews

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Cornish rock crossThese are everything they say they are. I couldn't believe chickens could grow so fast. They do some serious eating, so have plenty of food on hand. We use turkey and gamebird grower, and the vitamin stress pack in their water the whole time. The biggest chalenge is keeping them clean and dry. The heat lamps allow them to eat at night also, at 4 weeks old they dressed out at 4lbs. We only lost 1 (the biggest one of course) and 1 extra was sent, so we still dressed out 50, our years supply. 200lbs of meat in 4 weeks, how can you beat that? Great chicks! Written by Tomaleen Park on Mon 23 Jan 2017 8:09:48 PM GMT
Cornish CrossI raise these every year and they are the best. I keep them longer, about 11 weeks. They all dressed out around 9 to 11 lbs! Awesome birds. Written by Cindy Aube on Mon 29 Feb 2016 3:32:53 PM GMT
cornish crossI usually been butchering my Cornish cross at 8 weeks they are from 6.5 to 8.5 lbs I let 5 go 11 weeks 4 were 10 lbs and one was 11.10 lbs that's a big chicken and it tasted as good as the others Written by thomas traver on Sun 16 Aug 2015 11:41:55 AM GMT
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