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Easter Giant White Pekins Ducklings (as hatched)

Easter Giant White Pekins Ducklings (as hatched)

Easter Giant White Pekins Ducklings (as hatched)
Day Old Easter White Pekin ducklings
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Easter Giant White Pekin Ducklings
With proper feed and care, our White Pekins will develop to a weight of 7 lb. in 8 weeks

                                                  Duckling free shipping

Special Easter Ducklings Pricing the weeks of  March 30 th & April 6th .

Minimum Seasonal Orders of 3- 9 Ducklings  shipping only Apr -May
$30 small order fee will be applied to all order of 9 or less Ducklings

Quantity Price
1 - 24
25 - 49
$6.00 Each
50 - 99
$5.50 Each
$5.00 Each
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