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Comet Chickens (pullets)

Comet Chickens (pullets)

Comet Chickens (pullets)
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The Comet has been widely acclaimed in all areas of the world where brown eggs are preferred. The reason is simple. The Comet pullet is easily one of the finest brown egg layers available today. They mature early and lay eggs of excellent size and quality. She is an extremely quiet bird, that seems to be able to withstand the colder, non-insulated, laying houses of the small flock owner, better than most breeds. The Comet is a buff sex-link strain. The chicks may be sexed by color, pullets red-roosters white. When mature, the  Comet pullet is golden red in color, but has some white showing through in her neck and back.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 8 reviews: 4.9 Showing: 3 of 8 Show All
First time ordering with Mt. Healthy HatcheriesI did a lot of research, trying to decide who to go through for our chicks. I finally came down to Mt. Healthy Hatcheries. I placed my order, and I was so excited. I received notice, that they were going to be later than what I was told. I was very grateful for their honesty, and the immediate update. I also didn't mind because I needed to get more done to the chicken coop. On the day they were supposed to come, I didn't get a call from my post office. So I called Mt. Healthy Hatcheries. The customer service was awesome! She looked up my info, and told me they are showing they made it to my post office. She was helpful, nice, and full of wonderful advice. It turns out, my post office wasn't able to get through. I brought the chicks home and put them in their home. I received one free chick! I was so happy. That was when I noticed the free chick wasn't doing well. That is the reason for 4 stars, and not 5. I know it was a free chick, but still I feel like there was no point in giving me a free chick, if it was a sick one. I tried everything, but he died 2 days later. No one else was sick. Everyone else lived. I ordered Comets. They are great! They started laying earlier than all my other chickens. This was an order that I did last summer. I had no idea I could do a review, until now. I'm looking at buying more chicks. So as you can tell, losing the one free chick, wasn't enough to make me not want to do business with them again. I believe when a company gives you what you ask for, and when they help with great customer service when your stressed out, then they deserve your business again. Written by B on Mon 11 Jan 2016 1:53:28 AM GMT
CometsI purchased 10 comet from town & country feed & seed in Marianna Fl on March 12, 2015 and got my first egg on July 17, 2015. That is 17 weeks. They have been laying 10 eggs a day for several months now and I am really pleased. Mrs. Cathrine of the feed store has been ordering from you for some time now and she said that she is well pleased also. Written by Ronnie Harrison on Sun 11 Oct 2015 2:17:58 PM GMT
chicksI received my chicks the in one day. They were very healthy and very active as well. Their was no waiting. I will order from you again. Written by Linda on Sat 7 Feb 2015 2:42:30 PM GMT
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