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Rhode Island Red Chicken (pullets)

Rhode Island Red Chicken (pullets)

Rhode Island Red Chicken (pullets)
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Mt Healthy Famous Rhode Island Reds  (pullets/females) 

If you are striving for the "Peak" in egg production and still want a heavy bird with good market possibilities, these Reds are for you. A check of national egg laying contest records will reveal the superior egg laying qualities of this breed.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating from 3 reviews: 4.7
best little girls around!Received my girls in may of 2014. Very healthy and happy. I've spoiled them rotten and they love their daddy:) often the will sit on my lap, shoulder, and if I'm not paying attention on my head:) my girls are very good natured and very they have grown they do not peck me. I often hold them and talk to them face to face with no pecking. Great egg layers too. I'm ordering 50 more in the next week or so. Written by Gordon on Sun 15 Mar 2015 10:55:00 AM GMT
Hardy and tough. Dependable LayersRIR have been my most hardy and best layers, although they can be a bit pecky and Diva - ish. They really only want you around just to fill their water and put more food in their dish. Don;t disturb them when they are laying on a nest - you will get yelled at and pecked! I am not thrilled with thier personality, but if you are just looking for production layers, these are the ones. Keep them happy and they will produce! Written by Stephanie on Wed 26 Feb 2014 3:53:21 PM GMT
Best producersGot 17 in my order in 2011. I have not lost a one to disease or predators. These are extremely tough, hardy chickens! I don't they would appeal to someone looking for "pet" chickens since they can get bit aggressive in certain situations but for reliable and healthy producers of great eggs they can't be beat. When the time comes, I will definitely replace them with another flock of the same. Written by Jerry Pituch on Tue 1 Jan 2013 3:23:12 PM GMT
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