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White Leghorn Chicken (pullets)

White Leghorn Chicken (pullets)

White Leghorn Chicken (pullets)
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Mt Healthy White Leghorn  (pullets/females) 
White Leghorn's "The businessman's bird-all around profit makers." White Leghorn chicks are balanced bred for performance Livability- High production- Superior shell strength and proper egg size- Feed efficiency- Truly an outstanding bird            
       .Babcock White Leghorn Day old Chicks
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$5.20 Each
$3.64 Each
$3.20 Each
$2.80 Each
Babcock White Leghorns chicks

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 6 reviews: 5.0 Showing: 3 of 6 Show All
Our white Leghorns layingIf looking for egg production, look no more. This is a little, flighty bird [i should of clipped a wing when they were in the box ] other than flightiness, they were bought from Mt Healthy, hatched May 5, in our hands May 7, & began laying this week [9-24] unbelievable!! Small, but adequate size egg. We have 2 brown leghorns hatched in 2014 that still lay several hard shelled eggs every week, due to molt soon, but as in years past after the molt they will be back @ their job. We will certainly consider this company for future orders! Written by nancy on Fri 28 Sep 2018 3:08:35 PM GMT
FIRST time mail order chicks - & White leghornAn update from last review, bought thru mail in early May, now mid July, growing up beautifully, we have brown leghorns, so used to this breed being flighty. Our brown leghorns are 5 years old & STILL give us about 4 eggs per week, strong, large, white shell. That is why we ordered white, for hardiness in the breed & in laying. My all time favorite layer was a white flighty old leghorn that produced till it got dragged into the woods by a predator. Why we stopped free ranging, not worth the loss. We have a lg enclosed pasture & all are content. Our new 2 month old leghorns from Mt Healthy have intermingled nicely with our older birds. We expect them to start laying in Oct. Dont hesitate to order from this company they are good on their word. Written by nancy on Wed 11 Jul 2018 4:46:06 PM GMT
FIRST time mail order chicks - & White leghornMt healthy certainly did their part, Chicks ordered, & they said arrive by Tues, but most likely Mon. since we were next state away. Sure enough, 0740 Mon the post office called & chicks ready for pick up. Chicks vigorous, eagerly going after food & water as provided. Now it is up to God's care & ours for their long term survival, i expect we will have these birds for years to come. Written by nancy on Mon 7 May 2018 5:59:29 PM GMT
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