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Super X Special  --Surplus Hatchery Chicks

Super X Special --Surplus Hatchery Chicks

Super X Special  --Surplus Hatchery Chicks
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 Super X Special Bargain # 2

Make wonderful fryers. Hatchery choice of sex and breed and usually are males.(These are not Cornish Rock.)

200 ...............................................$80.00

Purchase of Bargain #2 chicks does not qualify for the Bonus Chick offer or early order discounts. If you place an order for bonus chicks and do not qualify you will not receive bonus chicks with your shipment of poultry.

Quantity Price
$0.40 Each

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 7 reviews: 5.0
Great experience doing business with Mt Healthy.All chicks were accounted for and I will be a repeat customer. Bought 200 ( Super Special X ) and 10 Leghorn pullets. have 100 barred rocks 50 rir and buff orpingtons. Gonna be some full freezers this fall...:) Written by Christopher Latham on Sat 10 Jun 2017 4:44:44 AM GMT
Great chicksReceived all 200 chicks with a few extra. All alive and healthy 100 buff orpington roosters and 100 Rhode island roosters. Written by Jack Wagner on Fri 3 Mar 2017 5:51:58 PM GMT
Good dealOrdered and received 200 cockerels (Barred Rocks and Rhode Island Reds) and nearly all arrived alive. It did take 27 weeks to get them up to size and weight, so go with Cornish if you want something quicker to market. We'll consider ordering more based on the per chickens price. Written by Randy Kennicutt on Thu 24 Nov 2016 9:53:54 PM GMT
Montana Bound - To fertilize the Pastures.Great way to Fertilize your Pastures, I take several hundred a year and move them daily around the Pasture. Makes the Grass thicker, taller, and the Cows do not mind the Electric Chicken Fence that I move every day.
At the end of Summer they make GREAT FRYERS/
Written by Larry Grim on Sun 9 Oct 2016 11:07:06 PM GMT
GREAT BUY!Ordered 200 chicks last week. I was skeptical as this was my first time ordering from mt healthy. I'm happy to say all chicks arrived full of energy and happy and healthy. You can't go wrong with this deal. If you are undecided, I recommend you give it a try. You will not be disappointed! I will be ordering many more and this is my new place to order baby chicks! Can't wait to try turkeys next. Written by Rubin platinumstein on Sat 13 Aug 2016 8:27:00 AM GMT
surplus chicksI have ordered from Mt Healthy Hatcheries many times in the past and they ALWAYS do a great job. I just recieved 200 chicks and ALL of them came alive all the way to Alaska. Great people to work with and love the fast turn around times. Written by Steve Bergh on Thu 28 Jul 2016 4:20:16 AM GMT
Very happy with the bargain2Very happy with the birds I got (600) all look very healthy. Will be ordering again Written by Andrew scott on Sat 2 Apr 2016 7:40:39 PM GMT
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