After having been away from the US market for several years, she is back by popular demand. The Amberlink has become a favorite with her beautiful full brown egg color. The Amberlink is a hybrid, but not a sex link. Roosters and hens look similar in their cream coloring and limited amounts of red feathers, often on the neck and wings. They are a cross between a Rhode Island White Rooster and a Rhode Island Red Hen (the opposite of the Golden Comet). We are one of the very few hatcheries in the country to offer this variety.

Also known as: Amber White

Note: for the safety of the chicks we will only ship less than 10 chicks April - October. If you order less than 10 chicks outside of this period your order will be moved.

Now shipping as few as 3 birds! Click here for conditions.
🥚 Amberlinks produce 300+ large brown eggs per year.
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