Assorted Ducklings

Quack Quack, let same some jack! Our Assorted Ducks is a hatchery's choice mix of our duck selection. This would typically include (but is not limited to) White Pekins, Khaki Campbell, and Mallard ducklings. Fi you're simply looking to add ducks to your flock, but you are not partial to need, this is the most cost-effective option we offer.

We cannot accommodate requests of specific breeds at this time.

Note: for the safety of the ducklings we will only ship less than 10 ducks in April and May. If you order less than 10 ducklings outside of this period your order will be moved.

Now shipping as few as 3 birds! Click here for conditions.
🥚 Assorted Ducklings produce 140-180 multi eggs per year.
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