Ayam Cemani

Also known as the 'rarest chicken on earth' the Ayam Cemani is truly an exquisite bird. They are intensely black from their feathers to their organs. Ayam Cemani's originated from Java, Indonesia within the village of 'cemani' where 'ayam' means 'chicken'. They resemble a gamebird in shape, light and compact. Cemani's weigh only 4-5lbs and lay cream colored eggs.

We are always striving for the best breed representation possible however we cannot guarantee pigment distribution in Cemanis. Uneven distribution is normally manifested in white toes, stray white feather(s) and/or purple or red comb. We can't promise Cemani's will grow out to perfect breed representation because perfectly black chicks can develop these flaws into adulthood.

Note: for the safety of the chicks we will only ship less than 10 chicks April - October. If you order less than 10 chicks outside of this period your order will be moved.

Now shipping as few as 3 birds! Click here for conditions.
🥚 Ayam Cemani produce 150 small cream eggs per year.
Single (Black)
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