Blue Rock

The Blue Rock results from crossing Barred Plymouth Rocks and Blue Andalusians leaving us with a sex-linked, production breed. These striking birds are monochromatic – hens being largely light gray fading into a charcoal head. Your rooster has that same light gray bottom half but with charcoal barring from the hackle to the tail. As chicks they have a lot of variety in color, ranging from nearly lavender to black. Blue Rocks are quite hardy and cold tolerant.

Also known as: Sapphire Rocks, Sapphire Blues, Sapphire Blue Rocks, Plymouth Blues etc.

Note: for the safety of the chicks we will only ship less than 10 chicks April - October. If you order less than 10 chicks outside of this period your order will be moved.

Now shipping as few as 3 birds! Click here for conditions.
🥚 Blue Rock produce 275 large cream eggs per year.
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