Bonus Chicks

For every 50 chicks you order we will send you 25 free chicks.

Your bonus chicks will all be top quality chicks of hatchery’s choice sex and breed (typically all males). This offer does not apply to ducks, turkeys, guineas, pheasants, bargains or bantams. Bonus chicks add a handling charge 30¢ per chick.

Breeds commonly used but not limited to are... Rhode Island Red, Plymouth Rock, Black Australorp, Orpington, Jersey Giant, New Hampshire, etc. We will not use broilers or compact breeds such as Leghorn, Comet, Bantams, etc.

We do not guarantee any breed will or will not be in the Bonus Chicks. (Except what is listed above)

Bonus chicks must be sent with the qualifying order of 50 or more birds standard priced chicks. Bonus chicks must be sent in increments of 25.

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