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I received a few more birds than I ordered, why?
We send a 2% margin of extras in every order. This is in the case that something we’re to happen in the shipping of the birds. The extra birds sent will always be something off your order.

Example: if you order all pullets, your extra will be a pullet. If you ordered broilers you’ll receive extra broiler(s).

**Note this is NOT the same as bonus chicks**
Do I need a rooster to lay eggs?
No, a rooster is only necessary if you want eggs to be fertile.
Will adding chicks to my cart hold them for me?
Products in your cart without completing the order will not hold the product for you. If something has been in your cart and you come back later to place it, it's very likely that date/product will no longer be available.
How much space do chickens need?
That would depend on the age.

Minimum space requirements are…
Day 1 – Week 4 = .5 sq ft per bird
Week 4 – Week 8 = 1 sq ft per bird
Week 8 + = 2 sq ft per bird
What are Bonus Chicks?
They are free birds we send with qualifying orders. These birds are usually heavy breed males commonly used for meat. (These are not Cornish Rock Cross).
Should I feed them medicated feed?
We do recommend medicated feed to prevent coccidiosis unless you are growing organic birds.
How much feed do chickens eat?
Adult hens eat about 1/4th lbs. of feed daily.
What do you vaccinate against?
We offer a vaccine against Marek’s Disease.
What is beak trimming, why would I need it?
Removing the upper point of the beak to prevent cannibalism.
What is a Vitamin Stress Pack?
Water-soluble vitamins and electrolytes to combat dehydration and stress
Why are some breeds only sold as a straight run?
Because they are hatched in very limited quantities
Can I mix and match poultry to meet order minimums?
Yes and No. You can mix and match breeds of poultry, but not types of poultry. For example, you cannot mix 10 chicks with 5 ducklings.
Do different species need different care?
Yes. The care is similar but not the same. See the 'Care' page for information.
Are brown eggs healthier?
No, shell color does not directly influence ‘health’ or nutritional value.
Do you have a price break over 100?
We can give custom quotes at 500 per shipment and over. Call for more information.
How do you ship birds?
USPS Priority Mail. We ship to your local post office; they will call you upon the birds’ arrival and ask you to pick them up.
Are they mailed with food and water?
No, because they don’t need it. They absorb their yolk just prior to hatching and this provides them nutrition and hydration for about 72 hours – we deliver within 48. Adding these could jeopardize the integrity of the box – thus posing a risk to the chicks.
Can I show your chickens in 4-H Fairs, Breed Exhibitions, Etc?
We are NPIP certified, so we can certainly provide the paperwork required to enter. However, it is important to understand we are a hatchery, not a specialty breeder. We often produce birds that are near or meet breed standards (where applicable) however this is not something we guarantee.
Am I allowed to have chickens?
Probably. Check with your local municipality.
Why aren’t my hens laying?
There are many reasons, including any combination of the following…
• Stress
• Molt
• Lighting
• Age
• Deficiency
• Sickness
What is a pullet?
A chicken that is decided to be female until laying age.
What is a cockerel?
A chicken that is decided to be male until sexual maturity.
How do I stop my chickens from pecking?
Distraction. If pecking is more than the natural pecking order it is likely due to stress, overcrowding or boredom. Eliminate the issue and distract with boredom busters. Beak trimming is also an option.
How many nests do I need?
Generally, 1 nest per 5 hens.
What do I need to care for baby chicks?
A basic chick starter kit would include..
• Containment (tub, kiddie pool, bin, etc)
• Draft shield
• Heat Source
• Feeder
• Waterer
• Chick Started Feed
• Thermometer
• Litter
Do you carry birds older than 1 day?
We only ship day old poultry.
What is grit, why do birds need it?
Often crushed stone; it is used to grind down food. Chickens that free range will likely pick up grit foraging.
Do you offer tours?
No. We follow a strict bio-security plan that eliminates any unnecessary visitors.
Can I grow different types of poultry together?
We don’t recommend it. Many types require different feed, care, etc.
What’s the male to female ratio in a straight run?
Approximately 50:50 but we do not guarantee this as it’s up to nature.
Why don’t you ship Express/Overnight?
Because it is exponentially more expensive, and the USPS does not guarantee overnight or 1-day delivery of live animals even so.
What if I have males in my female order?
We guarantee 90% sexing accuracy. If you have more than 10% of the wrong sex, we will refund the difference.
What if I need to cancel my order?
We charge at 10% cancellation fee for any orders canceled or reduced 4 days prior to hatch. This is because of the highly perishable nature of our product. Orders booked are potentially refused to other customers. To see our full terms, check 'Hatchery Policies' under 'All Resources' in the page footer.
If my chickens are vaccinated should I feed them medicated or un-medicated feed?
If your chickens are vaccinated by us, it is fine to feed medicated feed. Our vaccine is against Mareks vs the medication in the feed is to prevent Coccidiosis. If your chickens are vaccinated against coccidiosis you should not feed them medicated feed.
I'm new to chickens and don't understand these terms - can you help me?
Yes! Here is a glossary of popular terms you'll come across. https://www.mthealthy.com/pages/poultry-glossary
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